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Since the establishment of Applied Bio Research, Inc. (ABR), technological innovations have become the company’s core means of business. ABR’s portfolio includes a number of innovative technologies, which can either be developed into products themselves or incorporated with other products via licensing and partnerships. ABR have developed advanced technologies that will enable us to collaborate and bring high quality products from farm-to-fork markets. We have established a unique model strategy that allowed ABR to establish daughter companies such as CamOleum for Skin Conditions, in which achieved tremendous success over a relatively short period of time.

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Bacteriophages are among the most common and diverse entities in the biosphere. Many studies showed that application of phages in bacterial therapy or biocontrol is attainable in theory. Dr. Sabah Jassim has spent most of his professional career as a Medical Microbiologist studying and experimenting with bacteriophages. ABR is able to help companies and research institutes to provide them with great solutions to produce the non-genetic phage programming technology, in order to produce smart lytic phage with a very destructive killing index on multidrug resistant bacteria.

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Biota Medicine

Glance of Some Unprecedented Biotechnologies Novel Camelid Therapeutics and Antidotes Applied Bio Research has a comprehensive study that serves as a basis for establishing a pioneering scientific development, unprecedented in the world, by using camelid IgG and converting camel waste, such as urine and camel hump, into billions of dollars annually. The unique camel heteropolymer immuno-system that can be developed uses camelid IgG antibodies chemically joined together, like biological double-sided tape. One of these antibodies sticks to the target to […]

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ABR has developed different types of biopesticides, including beneficial bacteriophages and herbal materials that can be used in infested areas to prey upon specific pests. ABR has experience developing treatments that can increase agricultural productivity, and protect crops and livestock from harmful nematodes.

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Water Treatment

ABR provides inexpensive, environmentally friendly products that can clean water pollution and promote the recycling of commercial and industrial wastewater, including cleanup of oil spills. ABR has also developed protocols for controlling Blue-Green Algae blooms.

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Green Energy

Algae produces 30 times more energy per acre than corn, soybeans, and sugarcane, and can grow in saltwater, which is our world’s most abundant source of water. ABR is currently working on technologies that would improve the efficiency of algae use in the biofuel, electronics and hydrogen industries.

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